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داليا سالم


تغذية وتخسيس

عن الدكتور

Clinical Nutrition & AntiAging Consultant FATS Clinic Director Chief of Non-invasive body contouring, Tajmeel Clinics™ Dr. Dalia career started 20 years ago as a clinical nutritionist at different hospital in Cairo; she helped design food programs for the inpatients as well as nutritional therapy for outpatients with different medical conditions. In 2002 she cofounded Tajmeel Clinics in Cairo, which was one of the pioneering clinics to give a full comprehensive approach for the management of obesity and for body reshaping. Other clinic branches followed in the years after and the scope of the treatments expanded as well. Now, Tajmeel Clinics™, manages 2 clinics in Egypt and 2 clinics in Kuwait; Future branches are scheduled for the coming 2 years in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Dalia acts as the director of clinical nutrition, antiaging and non-invasive body contouring treatments; she established a well-balanced program that is currently being implemented among all Tajmeel clinics branches under her supervision. Her database of patients has extended over the years to have more than 10,000 clients across the globe. Dr. Dalia Salem is a published author for a simple nutritional guide book published in Arabic in 2017 named “21 Days”, more that 50,000 copies were sold across the Arab world. The book describes a comprehensive approach for every patient to boost their metabolism to start shedding the extra kilos of fat at ease.