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About My approach :I was taught by some of the world's best doctors like Mark Hyman and Mehmet Oz along with leaders in the world of psychology and coaching . My scope of work extends the health equation from food on your plate to all areas of your life like your stress level, sleep, physical activity ,self love career satisfaction and a lot more. I mix the science of Nutrition with the art of coaching to encourage changing habits at their root causes and building enjoyable healthy relationships with food and your body long term. I don't believe in the one diet fits all approach , I help you find the food perfectly suited for your own body to give you maximum energy and support you in achieving your weight goals. So how do you lose the weight ? We work together to replace the food that is stopping your weight loss with other similarly enjoyable food that guarantees that with every yummy bite you take you get closer to your goal and see obvious body transformation, not to mention an amazing overall mood and energy . You will finally stop waiting for that "cheat week" and enjoy every meal instead. You will be surprised by how your cravings will vanish and I will teach you how to listen to your body and decode your cravings to fulfill them the right way when they do happen.One of my clients who lost almost 8 kilos so far reports that she was addicted to pizza and would drool over it's smell , now she does not even feel like she wants to try a slice when her partner orders it at home . not that she can't ,she just doesn't want to anymore ..she feels like she can have an equally pleasurable experience with food that won't make her feel heavy and bloated and would give her amazing energy instead. I always say weight loss is easy it is how it is done that makes it hard. with my approach , it is nothing but a joyful journey of uncovering your best self and loving yourself like never before. Still unsure ?! hear it from someone who has tried it .